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A Profile - Andrew Page

- 24/01/23

Andrew Page joined Rye Group in December 2022 as a Commercial Manager so we thought it would be good to get to know him a little more.

Q: Good morning Andrew and welcome to the team. Could you tell us a bit about your role and why you enjoy it? A: I have joined Rye as a Commercial Manager, which encompasses completing valuations, pricing up new tenders and supporting the Commercial Director. I really enjoy being part of the Commercial team and learning new things each day.

In a fast-moving business like Rye there is plenty to think about and great variety each day. I get to meet different clients, visit different sites and think about how we can best support them.

Q: What is your career history? A: I have worked for a lot of different housebuilders over the past 17 years, I started out at George Wimpey which then merged into Taylor Wimpey. I moved regions from South Midlands to North Thames, then joined Cala Homes NHC. After a time there I moved to Morris Homes Eastern and then Dandara NHC prior to joining Rye.

Andrew Page - Commercial Manager, Rye Group

Q: You’ve been on quite a journey then! How have you developed the required skills to get you where you are today? A: All companies do things differently and have different perspectives. This has helped me fine tune my surveying skills and management technique. I’ve learnt from lots of different people along the way and, as ever, learnt from both successes, and failures.

Q: Why did you choose the demolition industry and why does it attract you? A: Demolition is really enjoyable, as every site and project is different with a lot of interesting parts to them. At Rye we also undertake a lot of remediation, drainage works, piling mats etc which makes it even more interesting.

Q: How can the industry make itself more attractive to new talent? A: A lot is about how we are seen, so the more we can update social media and raise awareness the more talent we can attract. I also believe career days at schools / university open days are vital to reaching an untapped pool of potential future talent.

Q: What would you say about the industry to a young person considering their future career path or someone in a different industry considering a change? A: I would ask them if they would like a career that could last years and years instead of trying to find something short term. You can see that with some of our site managers who have been here 28 years.

I would encourage people from different industries to bring their skills and expertise to demolition because their unique perspective can be really valuable and they could create a real impact.

Q: What does life outside work involve for you? A: I have a wife & 2 young girls, I enjoy golf and football and my favourite food is Mexican.

It’s been great talking to you Andrew and we hope you enjoy your career with Rye!

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