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Crisis? What crisis?

- 21/09/23

When attending demolition conferences and meetings there are inevitably three major topics that are raised: Improving safety, reducing demolition’s carbon footprint and talent and skills.

The challenge of building a workforce for the future across demolition and construction is one of the issues of our time. Various issues are at play and the industry needs to be creative and innovative to initiate an about turn. We recently ran a survey across the demolition and construction industry to understand the talent and skills landscape. We will be sharing the details of this survey with the industry, and especially the various national and continental federations, as this is an issue that affects us all and one that requires a collaborative effort.

No one company can solve this issue alone.

Two demolition workers discussing workload in an exclusion on a demolition site, next to a crusher and screener.

In our research we take a look at the age of workforces and the challenge of recruiting, retaining and developing talent to ensure continuity. We explore perceptions of the industry within various communities and also gauge the appetite of school leavers to join us.

Demolition and construction is vital to the continued growth of the economy and we need to find new ways of bringing people in from different sectors and from schools and colleges.

We look forward to sharing the results of our research with you, along with some specific recommendations for us all to consider. Our research remains open so you can contribute your own experience to this important study.

If you’d like to take part, please click here and take 5 minutes to feed in and help resolve this crisis…so there is no longer a crisis!

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