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St Ann's Hospital - Tottenham

- 08/12/23

Reviving History: The Remarkable Transformation of St Ann's Hospital

Demolition projects, with their diverse challenges and scopes, often involve the dismantling of structures from the 1950s and 1960s. In the current landscape, our work frequently centres around regenerating shopping centres and town centres, aiding councils in adapting to evolving lifestyles, work patterns, and shopping habits.

However, some projects stand out for their captivating history and narrative, showcasing the creativity of the developers involved. One such endeavour is the redevelopment of St Ann's Hospital in South Tottenham.

An Historic Site Reimagined

The hospital's roots trace back to 1892 when it was established as the North Eastern Fever Hospital on a 15-acre site, swiftly transforming a cricket field into a complex of 50 buildings. A snippet from Building News Magazine in October 1892 vividly describes the rapid construction and advanced facilities of the time.

Over the years, St Ann's Hospital underwent various redevelopments, serving as a mainstream hospital since the 1950s under the NHS. During World War I, it played a vital role, accommodating the American Expeditionary Force and treating around 4,000 patients.

Many of the existing buildings, dating back to the early 20th century, exude character and charm. In recent times, a portion of the site was vacated, leading to its acquisition by Hill Group for a modern redevelopment that respects and retains the site's historical elements.

Modernising with Respect

Hill Group, renowned for tackling projects of historic significance, has embraced the task of modernising St Ann's Hospital while preserving its unique character. While some sections required demolition, others, including the administration blocks and the iconic water tower, are being retained, soft stripped, and refurbished.

These preserved structures will be integral to the new residential estate, featuring blocks of flats, terraced houses, and a Peace Garden. A total of 995 new homes will be built, offering green spaces for residents and fostering natural habitats for wildlife.

Sustainable Practices and Future Outlook

Steel and masonry recovered during demolition are being separated for repurposing, contributing to the development of pile mats and foundations on the new site. With extensive experience in earthworks and levelling, Rye is poised to manage the site preparation, ensuring a smooth transition for Hill Group's construction activities scheduled for completion by mid-2024.

Commencing in 2023, the transformative project is anticipated to conclude its final construction phase by 2031. St Ann's Hospital, once a beacon of medical service, is set to emerge anew as a residential haven, blending modernity with a profound appreciation for its historical significance. We take pride in our role in this endeavour, contributing to the revitalisation of a cherished piece of history.

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